Dimensions Enclosure dimensions 126 x 158 x 32 mm; Board dimensions 103 x 139 mm | Unit Brutto Volume 0.001035 cubm
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ACU-220 uses the 868 MHz radio band, in which 4 channels have been allocated. Communication between components of the ABAX 2 system is encrypted (AES standard) and two-way, all transmissions being acknowledged. The controller works together with the INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and VERSA control panels (connection via communication bus), making expansion of the alarm system possible by adding wireless devices. It can also interact with any other alarm control panel, automation controller (when using programmable zones and outputs of the module), or work in stand-alone mode.
ACU-220 meets the high EN 50131 requirements for Grade 2.
An advantage of the controller is its excellent transmission range, which can be up to 2000 m in the open area, depending on the device working with the controller and their operating conditions. Such good communication parameters are obtained thanks to the use of a modern radio system and antenna diversity. Depending on the level of received radio signal, ACU-220 automatically selects the optimal antenna to be used to receive the transmission.

The system settings are configured in the ABAX 2 Soft program, which is installed on the computer and has also extensive diagnostic capabilities. When working with the INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and VERSA control panels, the DLOADX program or a keypad are used for the configuration. The settings can be changed and the firmware of enrolled wireless devices can be updated by radio, without having to demount them.
  • compliance with the EN 50131 Grade 2 requirements
  • two-way radio communication in the 868 MHz band - 4 channels
  • range up to 2000 m in the open area
  • support for up to 48 wireless devices
  • support for wireless keypads: INT-KWRL2 - up to 4, VERSA-KWRL2 - up to 6
  • support for up to 256 APT-200 wireless keyfobs
  • works together with the INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and VERSA control panels - connection to the communication bus
  • option of autonomous operation or with any alarm control panel / controller
- 8 programmable outputs
- 4 programmable zones
  • 4 outputs indicating the state of controller and connected wireless devices
  • antenna diversity - automatic selection of the antenna that will be used to receive the transmission, depending on the level of received signal
  • programming controller settings via:
- service menu of the control panel or DLOADX program - when working with the INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus or VERSA control panels
- ABAX 2 Soft program - when the controller is working as a universal module of wireless devices (in stand-alone mode or with any control panel/controller)
  • firmware update without demounting of the controller
  • remote configuration and updating of devices registered to the controller
  • tamper protection
  • power supply: 12 V DC

Vendor Homepage   www.satel.pl/en/produktid/1096
Dimensions   Enclosure dimensions 126 x 158 x 32 mm; Board dimensions 103 x 139 mm
Unit Gross Weight   0.3
Unit Net Weight   0.222
Category Code   ADM
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